Special Programs

Practical and functional approach

With our teaching approach you will learn to communicate effectively, developing the necessary skills to have a good performance when interacting.

Cultural approach

With us you will not only learn the language but also about the culture and customs of our Latin American countries making your Spanish learning experience unique and unparalleled.

Virtual classes

Online classes so you can study from anywhere and at any time.

Flexible schedules

The schedules we offer are adapted to your needs and availability.

Personalized teaching

We orient our teaching to your learning style. In addition, you have the possibility to take lessons individually or in a group.








This medical Spanish course is aimed at health professionals interested in expanding their Spanish vocabulary in a medical context.

  • You will learn all the vocabulary of medical Spanish.
  • You will be able to confidently use the most practical medical Spanish expressions.
  • Not only will you improve your general level of Spanish, but you will also acquire communication skills that health professionals must master in Spanish.

This legal Spanish course is of special interest to non Spanish speaking legal professionals interested in developing their activities in Latin America.

  • It will allow understanding legal texts and arguments.
  • You will draft documents and express yourself correctly with legal vocabulary.
  • You will learn about the Spanish legal system, its institutions and organizations.
  • You will be able to attract clients in Latin America who require a deep knowledge of the Spanish lexicon, grammatical constructions and legal system.

This Business Spanish course is aimed at people interested in communicating and interacting in the business environment.

  • It will allow you to understand a wide variety of topics related to the business world.
  • You will be able to have and apply the most commonly used Spanish vocabulary when negotiating a purchase and sale.
  • You will learn the techniques and vocabulary most commonly used to establish business relationships with clients.

The Spanish for tourism course is aimed at all those who want or need to learn Spanish specific to the world of tourism, and thus increase their job opportunities in this sector.

  • Drafting of professional written texts in the field of tourism.
  • Expanding your Spanish vocabulary and understanding of tourism related topics.
  • They will be able to manage in the different situations that the tourist activity poses.
  • It will allow you to understand and deal with issues related to hotels, travel agencies, transportation, etc.

The Spanish course for children is aimed at parents interested in having their children from 5 to 11 years of age develop Spanish (as a second language) in a progressive, playful and personalized way.

  • Learning Spanish grammar, using it in real contexts to be more effective.
  • They will have access to our creative materials, which will help them develop and stimulate their creativity.
  • Our materials are adapted to the needs of children in a real way.
  • You will be able to enhance your skills and work from multiple intelligence, due to our personalized and effective methodology.



Face-to-face classes

Online classes

Hybrid classes

We have our own books, full of practical and functional strategies to learn the language. In addition, through our books you will learn about the cultural richness of Latin America.

Viva Latinoamérica 1 book

Viva Latinoamérica 2 book

Spanish Vocabulary in Context Book

We have the Canvas platform which is interactive and easy to use. There you can find exclusive material of the school that you can use during class and at any time. Available 24 hours a day. You will have at your fingertips written, audio and audiovisual material that will allow you to learn in a didactic and entertaining way.

At the end of each level you will take an exam to test your knowledge and verify which skills you have already developed and which need to be reinforced.

At the end of each level we offer you a certificate that will endorse your knowledge of the language.

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Programas Especiales

We have many pedagogical resources you can find on our platform and in our educational channels.

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