About us

Viva Idiomas is a language school with specialized and personalized teaching with a practical approach to the use of the language. Years of experience support our work with students around the world with successful experiences.

Our differentiating seal, in addition to our methodology and quality of teaching, is our social commitment. Each student who enrolls in Viva Idiomas is collaborating with the NGO Imfundo Kahle, a non-profit socio-educational organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of women in vulnerable situations and their families.

Our values





Our mission

That our students acquire the necessary knowledge for the effective development of communicative skills in language learning, using the resources, technology and didactic strategies for this purpose.

Our vision

To be a leading and competitive center in the teaching of languages with an intercultural approach, a benchmark of quality at national and international level, committed to academic excellence and quality service.

We are committed to your learning

We are committed to offering a quality education that is also diverse and inclusive, training students to transform, contribute and contribute with their new knowledge to the environment in which they develop.

Phone: +51 978 676 998
Email: academico@vivaidiomas.com