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Learn Spanish and English with us!
At Viva Idiomas we are passionate about teaching Spanish and showing you the vibrant culture of Peru. You can find us in Miraflores, Lima, we offer a diverse range of Spanish courses tailored to your needs.

Our program


We believe that languages connect the world. That's why we help you master the Spanish language.


Our English program will allow you to develop in this language, developing new skills and learning it in an educational way and at your own pace.


Designed to enable workers to be more productive and effective. Whether you need individual clases for top executive or private clases.

Our Methodology

"Discover our cool way of boosting your Spanish and English communication skills! Our methodology lets you put what you've learned into action right away in situations that matter to you. Weekly virtual classes are super accessible 24/7, packed with interactive material, and, best of all, guided by teachers who'll steer you through personalized video conferences with a friendly vibe. Learn at your own pace and channel your energy towards mastering the language with us in a fun and effective way!"


Our Strategic Pillars


We meet the quality requirements thanks to our teaching methods of our teachers from the best universities in Peru, among others.


We have updated educational materials about Spanish learning in accordance with the competitive demands of your profession.



We implement digital tools in our Spanish teaching as online educational exercises.


We contribute to society through our partnership with the NGO Imfundo Kahle to promote fair and equitable education for women and vulnerable people.

Why study at Viva Idiomas?

Top teachers: Our team of professionals will guide you with enthusiasm and experience in learning Spanish.

Tailored to you: We adapt our programs so that you learn in the way that works best for you, without stress or complications!

Speak from day one: This practical and fun approach encourages you to speak Spanish from the beginning. No boredom!

Culture and fun: Immerse yourself in a unique cultural environment while you learn. Exciting experiences and effortless learning await you!

    Comfort at your fingertips

We are conveniently located one block from Kennedy Park, the safest neighborhood in Lima and a very touristic area with excellent views of the Pacific Ocean.
- A few blocks away from incredible ocean views.
- Equipped and comfortable classrooms.
- Coffee break area.
- Free Wifi in all classrooms and common areas.
- Educational books and games for children.


We are committed to society

We believe in an education that generates situations of equity and development of competencies and skills. The NGO IMFUNDO KAHLE is a socio-educational organization that seeks to respond to the specific educational needs of women and people in vulnerable situations in our country.


Learning with Viva Idiomas has been a fantastic experience, the teachers are extremely flexible with schedules and help make the Spanish classes fit my schedule, my classes are fun and enjoyable and I think I have improved quite a bit in a short time!.

Karen Alroy
United States

I cannot express in words what Viva Idiomas has meant to me. The team at viva idiomas, who are incredibly friendly, have been a great help in learning the language, they are extremely flexible and adapt to your needs and learning style.

Brandon Wilder
United States

Learning Spanish in viva idiomas was a great experience. I was learning the language from scratch, and my teacher was incredibly supportive and patient at all times.

Catherine Moore
Phone: +51 978 676 998
Email: academico@vivaidiomas.com