Cultural Notes

Peruvian Typical Dancing


Peruvian Folk danceThe Marinera is a symbol of Peru, for that it has one of the first ranking national folklore. In its rhythm and choreography the soul of the word “sea” is synthesized. It that’s why the movements that the woman performs with her clothes, especially with the skirt, are similar to the waves of the sea. Trujillo, a city in the north of Perú, ins the capital of this beautiful dance.


Festejo peruano afro-peruvian danceDance and rhythm typical of Peruvian black descendants in Lima and Ica. The lyrics are usually festive and the orchestra is composed by guitar, Cajon (Peruvian instrument), Quijada (donkey jaw) and claps.


Huaylas peruvian danceThe Huaylas is a typical dance of Huancayo. Huancayo is located in the central highlands of Peru. Originally it symbolized the harvest of the potatoe and it was held with flutes and drums. Nowadays the Huaylas is, a dance of the Huancayo carnival.

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Peruvian Cuisine And Pastries

Peruvian ceviche - SeafoodDid you know that Lima is the gastronomic capital of America? The gastronomy of Lima is the result of the fusion of the knowledge of the self-taught popular cooks, foreigner gastronomic influences, like the Nikkei, the Moorish, the Chinese and the European cooking, and hundreds of years of tradition of our own regional gastronomy.

You can not leave Peru without trying our delicious dishes. Besides, you can also enjoy our traditional Pisco Sour and enjoy our traditional desserts.