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Expresiones Idiomáticas

a chorros
in abundance; plenty; lots
a duras penas
hardly; barely; with difficulty
a gatas
crawling (lit.: on legs/feet; used with the verbs estar or andar)
a manos llenas
generously; lavishly (lit.: with full hands)
al pelo
just what is wanted or needed
año nuevo, vida nueva
Happy New Year (lit.: new year, new life; used as a greeting or statement around Jan. 1)
Ave María Purísima
for heaven’s sake (lit.: hail most pure Mary; n.b.: used in religious services, and as an exclamation)
bicho raro
oddball (lit.: rare bug)
brillar por su ausencia
be conspicuous by one’s absence
buscar bronca
be spoiling for a fight; be looking for a fight
cada hijo de vecino
every Tom, Dick, and Harry; everyone
cada muerte de obispo
once in a blue moon; very rarely (lit.: each time a bishop dies)
caer en la cuenta
caer mal
dislike; not like. 1. Me cae mal este tipo.
carne de gallina
coger el toro por los cuernos
grab the bull by the horns (n.b.: coger is used only in Spain)
como agua para chocolate
furious; enraged (lit.: like water for chocolate)
como de costumbre
as usual (lit.: as of custom)
como Dios manda
the way it's supposed to be
como perro en barrio ajeno
out of place; in the wrong neighborhood (lit.: like a dog in a distant neighborhood; i.e.: people who try to enter other parts of society may be attacked or ostracized)
como quitarle un pelo al gato
a victimless crime (lit.: like removing a hair from a cat; i.e.: the quantity in question is so small that it has no significant effect and goes unnoticed)
como si no fuera poco
as if it were not enough
darle a alguien mala espina
make someone feel uneasy (lit.: to give bad thorns to someone)
de ahora en adelante
from now on; henceforth; from this moment forward (lit.: from now in advance)
de armas tomar
formidable; tough; redoubtable (lit.: for taking up arms)
de buena gana
willingly; with ease; with pleasure (lit.: of good desire)
de buenas a primeras
suddenly; without warning
de cal y canto
strong; firm
de costumbre
as usual; normally
de cuando en cuando
from time to time; sometimes; once in a while (lit.:  of when in when)
de diario
de golpe
suddenly; abruptly; at once; all at once (lit.: of a blow or strike)
de hecho
in fact, in reality (lit.: of fact). 1. De hecho, quiero ir contigo.
de inmediato
right now, immediately (lit.: from immediately)
de medio pelo
de moda
in fashion; in style
de modo que
so; so that
de mucho cuidado
big; terrible; real (used adverbially)
de nada
not at all; you’re welcome; don’t mention it (n.b.: often said in response to “gracias”)
decir amén a todo
say yes to everything; agree to everything (lit.: to say amen to everything)
decir en broma
kid; joke; tease (lit.: to say (as a) joke)
dejar de lado
set aside; put aside (lit.: to leave from (the) side)
dejar en paz
leave alone; leave be; let it be (lit.: to leave in peace)



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