Learning Spanish Classes

Who are Viva Idiomas?

VIVA is a Spanish school that specializes in the personal tutoring of students to learn Spanish as a foreign language. We use a practical approach that emphasizes communication in a warm and friendly environment. Our students learn not only Spanish, but also Latin American culture through the use of dynamic and practical materials. Discussions regarding local cuisine, politics and current events are encouraged to bring our culture to life.

VIVA is comprised of a select group of native teachers of Spanish language and culture. Our educated personnel are highly qualified to provide an outstanding service for all levels of students. Most of our teachers speak two or three languages and have university degrees in linguistics and language arts.

VIVA focuses on delivering a quality experience and education. It is our goal for you to fluently speak, read and write our language. For that reason, we have designed teaching programs that will adjust to our students needs. The classes are web based and therefore take place in the privacy of the students home, office, private class or small group and in a virtual classroom.

We invite you to become part of our culture. Enjoy our language, by speaking and understanding it.

Why choose us?

We have a different Spanish programs; Communicative Spanish, Medical Spanish, Spanish for bussines, Preparation for International Tests, Conversation classes, and much more!

Do you find hard to match you Spanish lessons with your personal schedule?
Viva Idiomas online lessons is the best option!
Wherever you are, at anytime you want to study, you can study with us.
Our schedules are very flexible and our classes are really good ones
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At Viva you can learn about our latin and Peruvian culture as well.
Also you can do volunteer work when you are here in Lima studying Spanish.
If you want to learn how to dance Salsa or to cook Peruvian food, just come with us!

We are very proud of our teachers, they are very kind, professional and committed people. They will teach you Spanish in a didactic , friendly and way fun.